Welcome to the home page of the Crittenden Research group, based at the University of Canterbury, in the beautiful city of Christchurch, New Zealand. To find out more about our research interests, check out the People and Publications pages. Useful information and code for solving theoretical and computational chemistry problems can found on theĀ Resources and Software pages.


Crittenden Research Group, January 2017 (left to right): Florjan Camlek, Andrew Flanagan, Chris Stinson, Deb Crittenden, Kira Oldfield, Christian Suppan, Cerian Healey, Dinga Wonanke.


Crittenden Research Group, June 2016 (left to right): Deb Crittenden, Chris Stinson, Andrew Flanagan, Marat Sibaev, Dinga Wonanke. Not pictured: Andrew Wallace, Nathaniel Gunby.

PC020004 The team

Crittenden research group et al., December 2015 (left to right): Marat Sibaev, Sarah Masters (Masters research group), Ben Wilson (Kruger research group), Dinga Wonanke, Andrew Flanagan, Alex McNeill (Downard research group), Chris Stinson, Chris Burn (Williamson research group), Deb Crittenden. Not pictured: Andrew Wallace, Nathaniel Gunby.